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The Bushey Family immigrated from Quebec, Canada in the late 1800's, and settled in Oswego, New York.

Ira S. Bushey, much like Michael Moran, (who founded the Moran Towing Corporation) drove mules on the Erie Canal. Longing for prosperity, in 1895 founded a boat repair business in Jersey City, New Jersey. He would later relocate his business in 1900 to Staten Island, New York and finally in 1905 to Brooklyn, New York in the Gowanus Canal at the foot of Court Street.

His business would prosper there for many years to follow. The shipyard was named and known as Ira S. Bushey and Sons, Incorporated. The yard for many years built new vessels for Bushey, the United States Government, and various other private owners. Repair work was also performed there as well.

In 1977, Ira S. Bushey and Sons Incorporated was acquired by the Amerada Hess Oil Corporation of New York, New York. To form the Spentonbush-Red Star Companies of New York, New York.

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