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Pictured: the Galveston Photo by: Birk Thomas

(U.S. Shipping Partners LLC.; U.S. Shipping Management, USCS ATB LLC., USS ATB 1 LLC USS ATB 2 LLC., USS ATB 3 LLC.)

The U.S. Shipping Corporation provided long-haul marine transportation of petroleum products, petroleum, petrochemicals, and commodity chemicals in the United States coastwise trade, operating under the Jones Act.

Operating six Unites States flagged vessels consisting of one oil carrier, one chemical carrier, and four articulated tug barges (ATB). The U.S. Shipping Corporation served the United States East and Gulf Coasts and Puerto Rico. With capabilities to service routes to the Caribbean, the United States West Coast, and Hawaii.

In 2021, the company's tanker Chemical Pioneer was retied and scrapped. The remaining assets where acquired by Seabulk Tankers Incorporated of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Active Tugs