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Pictured: the Koolcat Photo by: Captain Ted

Gnots Reserve, Inc. was established in 1967 to provide fleeting and towing for major grain elevators located on the Mississippi River, upriver from New Orleans, Louisiana. Over the years Gnots added a barge washing operation and a repair dock which includes a dry-dock.

For many years Gnots has been refurbishing older boats for use in its fleet, sometimes purchasing sunken or burned vessels and repairing and rebuilding them. In 2007 the President/Owner, Daniel Wise, of Gnots Reserve made the decision to build boats for his own operations.

Gnots-Reserve, Inc. teamed up with Welton Theriot who has over Thirty-five years of design, engineering, and construction of government marine vessels, yachts, barges, private industry supply vessels, ferries, tugs and work boats from 38 feet to 220 feet.

Retired / Sold / Chartered / Lost Units